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We are just one click away.
English · 29. November 2021
At PM&C, everything revolves around the success of our clients’ plant and construction projects. Have a look at our website and learn more about us, our services, and projects. We are just one click away.
How to reduce your project’s carbon footprint?
English · 16. November 2021
First, you need to measure the environmental impact of your project and the greenhouse gases associated with delivering it. Second, you can make changes to the design and plan of the project by reducing energy use or implementing a recycling policy. Third, offset or neutralize residual carbon footprint by implementing eco-friendly activities or supporting CSR projects.

Listening to construction workers can be more than an eye-opening experience
English · 08. November 2021
Therefore, my motto is: “Listen actively. Try to learn something from each person you meet. Construction workers need to be heard just as much as any other project stakeholders. And listening to what they have to say can be more than an eye-opening experience – it often means progress, innovation, and successful project delivery."
Sharing is caring
English · 28. Oktober 2021
If you have any special topic requests for our blog, please let me know and we will try to fulfill them.

Stories from everyday life in the project: My everyday life in Saudi Arabia
English · 19. Oktober 2021
Jubail. 4:30 am: My alarm clock rings loudly. I open my eyes, stretch, and jump out of bed. I pull aside the blackout curtains in the bedroom of my house, which is on the grounds of a secure camp. Outside, it's still dark – yet condensation is already making its way along the window again.
Der Mehrwert von zirkulärer Beschaffung in Projekten
Deutsch · 11. Oktober 2021
Die zirkuläre Beschaffung erfordert eine enge Zusammenarbeit mit potenziellen Lieferanten, gutes Produkt- und Anwendungs-Know-how sowie eine gründliche Wertschöpfungsanalyse. Haben Sie Fragen zur zirkulären Beschaffung in Projekten? Rufen Sie uns an!

The value of circular procurement in projects
English · 11. Oktober 2021
Circular procurement requires close cooperation with potential suppliers, good product and application know-how, and an in-depth value creation analysis. Do you have questions around circular sourcing in projects? Contact us!
Capital projects: Focusing purely on an ecosystem of partners is too short
English · 27. September 2021
In contrast our experience shows that it will take more than that: far-reaching restructuring measures in many places, competence and experience and investment in digitalization based on a holistic project understanding.

PM&C takes on contract in Saudi Arabia – Part III My 4 challenges for expats
English · 20. September 2021
Working for international projects is exciting and rewarding. At the same time moving abroad is a challenging and overwhelming experience. The good news: "Good preparation is half the battle." Here my 4 challenges.
PM&C takes on contract in Saudi Arabia – part II Doing business in Saudi Arabia
English · 09. September 2021
Understanding a country's business culture is central to doing business successfully. My current assignment took me to Saudi Arabia. Business etiquette is different here than in other countries, and today I would like to share my personal experience.

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