For us, everything revolves around your project success. Project management is our passion.

 PM&C offers: Consulting and project management as well as planning tools and document management

We at PM&C are experts in the field of project management.

We offer experience, transparency and security.

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PM&C Project management.

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Our team of experts manages the successful completion of construction and plant projects, either right from the start or even after the project has gone awry.  

PM&C Consulting.

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Project development

We provide advice in the early phases just as you're initiating and preparing your project and also help with project development and detailed planning.


Crisis management

Another area for PM&C's expertise is crisis management.

  • Project crises in companies: We get projects back on track and bring them to a successful conclusion.
  • Banks & risk assessment: PM&C supports banks in assessing project risks to allow quick, fact-based decisions on whether to approve new loans or extend existing lines of credit.
  • Insolvency, trustee & project evaluation: We also help with bankruptcies and provide trustees with 100% transparent and neutral evaluations of plant construction projects.

Planning tools and document management.

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Efficient project management requires detailed planning and well-structured document management.


We provide our clients with a comprehensive planning tool including a control dashboard and a tried and tested document management system.