Listening to construction workers can be more than an eye-opening experience


In one of my last blogs, I wrote: “In between, I visit the smoking area, because here I learn important information about the project status on an informal basis – how, where, and why something doesn't work or does work. Numbers and data explain a lot, but not everything.”


I was asked to share more about my "unhealthy smoking habit with an ulterior motive". 


It's quite simple. 


Who spends all day on the construction site working to successfully complete the project? The construction workers.


For me, it's important to stay in touch with these colleagues so that I don't miss any important details. In my experience, construction workers often have a better understanding of where a project is at any given time. In fact, they might sometimes have a better understanding of the project than a project manager, especially if the latter is sitting in an air-conditioned office making uninformed decisions.


Therefore, my motto is: “Listen actively. Try to learn something from each person you meet. Construction workers need to be heard just as much as any other project stakeholders. And listening to what they have to say can be more than an eye-opening experience – it often means progress, innovation, and successful project delivery."


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