Crisis management.


There are many reasons why projects get into trouble. 


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Signals of a project crisis

  • Unclear goals
  • Unrealistic planning
  • Time delays
  • Key resources drop out or are insufficiently available
  • Target and actual figures no longer related
  • Disagreement among project participants
  • Inefficient project communication
  • Errors pile up
  • Stakeholders no longer behind the project
  • Change requests are increasing
  • Inadequate project management
  • Ignoring early warning indicators

  • Excess complexity 

But often it is also the failure

to get the right experts on board in good time.

Project crises in companies.

 People in the office looking worriedly at a screen

As tried-and-tested project experts and troubleshooters, PM&C quickly gets projects back on track. We support companies in the rapid assessment of technical construction and plant projects. 


If the results of the project evaluation give the green light for continuing the project with modifications, we will help make this happen. Together, we will ensure that the project gets back on track and that it can be brought to a positive conclusion. The rule here: the good stuff can stay. We will work together to revise or replace anything that doesn't fit.

Get projects back

on track quickly.

Getting projects back on track.

PM&C delivers independent, objective, and constructive project analyses.


We identify critical areas and risks, escalate problems and bottlenecks, and define corrective measures. 


In addition, we can redesign the organization, reporting, communication, and document management for your project.


We will develop a plan to steer your project back on course, quickly stabilize it, and thus help limit the damage.

When creating and implementing recovery plans, we always focus on the solution and not on problems or blame. Transparency and open communication are a must for us, as are quick, yet well-considered actions. 

PM&C will get your project back on track so you can realize the benefits you expected.

Limit damage. Continue the project. Realize the expected benefits.

 Concrete background. The text overlay: Independent assessment of your project status using checklists. Develop recommendations for action and corrective measures. Implement and monitor the planned measures.

Project evaluation.

If the project's not going so well and you're losing ever more time and money, we will help you right the course so that your project can get back up to speed.


In addition, we can also take over management of your project on an interim basis until the project is completed or a final solution is found.

We proceed with tact and empathy, because there are people behind every project.


It's important to include them in the redesign process as much as possible, because that's the only way that the measures can take effect quickly. 

Projects and people
belong together. 

Banks & risk assessment.

 Reports with graphics and evaluations

PM&C supports banks with risk assessments to provide the basis for well-founded decisions. On the basis of our evaluation results, banks can quickly get an idea of the current status of the respective project and decide based on facts whether to finance a project, issue new loans, or extend existing credit lines.


In an emergency, however, we will also recommend turning off the funding pipeline and thus prevent money and time from being invested in projects that no one had previously wanted to admit were going nowhere.


Your partner for risk assessment.

Bankruptcy, trustee & project evaluation.

 Files; one of them is labeled bankruptcy

In addition, we help with bankruptcies and advise on restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings. We provide trustees  with 100% transparent and independent evaluations of projects in plant construction for quick determinations whether debt relief and continuation of the project are possible.


However, our independent project analysis may also mean that we cannot recommend continuing a project. This may be the case when a project has clearly failed and the best solution is a controlled exit. 


If this is the case, we can help you:

  • Develop exit scenarios
  • Finalize arrangements with all stakeholders
  • Develop options to recoup some of your investment
  • Develop alternative scenarios and switchover plans


Evaluation of plant projects:

Transparent & independent.

Our services.

  • Evaluate projects in both planning and construction stages
  • Assess existing contracts and claims
  • Analyze and assess project risks, capacities, and qualities
  • Provide technical advice and support in project execution
  • Implement independent project audits
  • Prioritize measures to be taken
  • Assess project progress
  • Provide on-going project reporting
  • Recommend redesigns of the project's organization or management system
  • Assume interim project management

On the basis of our evaluation results, companies, banks, and trustees can quickly get an idea of the current status of the project:

  • The technical readiness of the project
  • The level of progress on the project
  • The competence of the current project management
  • Available resources
  • Market relevance of the project
  • Options for recouping your investment
  • The quality of the planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Suitability of the project partners
  • Valuation of the claims
  • Prognosis of continuation/successful completion

Building on this, you can decide quickly based on facts whether and how to proceed with the project.


We include both the hard and soft facts in our analyses, because there are people behind every project. 

In crises, the focus is on

 quick and well-considered project decisions.