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Try PM&C and get your project back on track
English · 24. März 2022
There are 12 known factors that can negatively impact your project delivery. Even one of these factors can cause project delays and cost increases. The interaction of several of these factors can mean the collapse of a project.
People regularly pay me for this information – but you can have it for FREE
English · 17. März 2022
I, together with my team, we help you - understand the system, - control the system, and - complete each individual work package in a coordinated and timely manner so that the overall plan can be met.

Is your project team diverse?
English · 28. Februar 2022
I believe that organizations and project managers that succeed in manifesting diversity as an integral part of their project management ecosystem – for example, by providing employee trainings that clarify the importance and value of diversity, by offering flexibility and freedom for everyone to perform and develop, or by listening to employee feedback to understand their needs – benefit greatly from diversity in project management.
Your network is your net worth
English · 24. Februar 2022
Relationships are like a garden full of beautiful flowers – they blossom and delight if you nurture them, and they fade if you neglect them. It's up to us to nurture our professional network.

Middle East: How to unlock your PMO’s strategic value?
English · 07. Februar 2022
It was with great interest that I read last week's PwC report, based on a global survey by PwC and PMI. The report explores what project managers and executives in the Middle East can learn from the top 10% in global project management to improve their own performance.
Project management is our passion!
English · 28. Januar 2022
At PM&C, everything revolves around your project success. We manage the successful completion of your construction and plant projects.

How to reduce your project’s carbon footprint?
English · 16. November 2021
First, you need to measure the environmental impact of your project and the greenhouse gases associated with delivering it. Second, you can make changes to the design and plan of the project by reducing energy use or implementing a recycling policy. Third, offset or neutralize residual carbon footprint by implementing eco-friendly activities or supporting CSR projects.
Listening to construction workers can be more than an eye-opening experience
English · 08. November 2021
Therefore, my motto is: “Listen actively. Try to learn something from each person you meet. Construction workers need to be heard just as much as any other project stakeholders. And listening to what they have to say can be more than an eye-opening experience – it often means progress, innovation, and successful project delivery."

Capital projects: Focusing purely on an ecosystem of partners is too short
English · 27. September 2021
In contrast our experience shows that it will take more than that: far-reaching restructuring measures in many places, competence and experience and investment in digitalization based on a holistic project understanding.
PM&C takes on contract in Saudi Arabia – Part III My 4 challenges for expats
English · 20. September 2021
Working for international projects is exciting and rewarding. At the same time moving abroad is a challenging and overwhelming experience. The good news: "Good preparation is half the battle." Here my 4 challenges.

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