Try PM&C and get your project back on track


For me, everything revolves around your project success. Project management is my passion.


My name is Werner Wirnsberger-Brandl and I am the Managing Director of PM&C, an Austrian project management and consulting company, with many years of international experience in handling construction and plant projects in various industries. My focus is on operational project management, site and construction management.


I am known for getting projects back on track quickly and safely, always putting people first.


My many years of project experience on 5 continents have taught me that there are numerous reasons why projects fail. Here are 12 known factors that can negatively impact your project delivery: 

  1. Poorly defined project goals
  2. Unrealistic planning assumptions
  3. Scope changes
  4. Poor risk management
  5. Miscommunication
  6. Weak site management
  7. Team conflicts
  8. Inadequate resources
  9. Bad contract and contractor management
  10. Stakeholder issues
  11. Leadership problems
  12. Absence of accountability

Even one of these factors can cause project delays and cost increases. The interaction of several of these factors can mean the collapse of a project.


With the help of experienced experts, this can be avoided. I won't leave you out in the rain. Together, we analyze the causes of your project's misalignment and take quick countermeasures to get it back on track and safely across the finish line.


If you have questions about your project, call or email me. Give me 1 hour and I will evaluate your project's potential for improvement.


PM&C: Kompetenz für Ihr Projekt