Your network is your net worth


It seems to me that many project managers are far too lax about building and maintaining their project management network. As soon as a project is finished, the team disbands, and you might meet again by chance years later.


My advice is to do just the opposite.


Relationships are like a garden full of beautiful flowers – they blossom and delight if you nurture them, and they fade if you neglect them. It's up to us to nurture our professional network.


For anyone working in project management, the personal network is a valuable asset. And there's no excuse for neglecting to cultivate your professional relationships.


What are the benefits of networking in project management?


A network gives you the opportunity to help others when they are in trouble – and helping others is important to our own well-being.


Many valuable project management tips, skills and tricks cannot be found in any database, but are obtained exclusively through your network. The experience and know-how you generate this way can be worth its weight in gold for the success of your project or in finding your next job in project management.


To build a network, you need to connect with others. The classic way is through personal contact. Another excellent way is to attend a project management conference. There, you will get the latest information about what is happening in the industry, and you will be able to meet other people from the same field.


Also use social media platforms. Here you have the opportunity to stay in touch with people in your field 24/7.


And most importantly, your network will help you achieve your goals.


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