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Middle East: How to unlock your PMO’s strategic value?
English · 07. Februar 2022
It was with great interest that I read last week's PwC report, based on a global survey by PwC and PMI. The report explores what project managers and executives in the Middle East can learn from the top 10% in global project management to improve their own performance.
Stories from everyday life in the project: My everyday life in Saudi Arabia
English · 19. Oktober 2021
Jubail. 4:30 am: My alarm clock rings loudly. I open my eyes, stretch, and jump out of bed. I pull aside the blackout curtains in the bedroom of my house, which is on the grounds of a secure camp. Outside, it's still dark – yet condensation is already making its way along the window again.

PM&C takes on contract in Saudi Arabia – part II Doing business in Saudi Arabia
English · 09. September 2021
Understanding a country's business culture is central to doing business successfully. My current assignment took me to Saudi Arabia. Business etiquette is different here than in other countries, and today I would like to share my personal experience.