More women power for projects


According to PMI, the proportion of women in project management worldwide is between 20-30% - and rising. And that's a good thing because our working world is rapidly transforming into a project economy. By 2023, the global economy will need 25 million new project professionals.


I observe time and again how women use their strength in the project world and successfully assert themselves.

  • Diversity:
    Women bring more diversity to project management, and diversity has been proven to produce better and more sustainable project results.
  • Cultural understanding:
    The understanding of different cultures that is so important in international business is particularly pronounced in women.
  • Communication skills:
    Women have assertiveness without being aggressive. Time and again, I see them successfully bring all stakeholders on board through gentle persuasion.
  • Leadership & motivation:
    Women are good at creating an environment where people can thrive and feel comfortable. They succeed without pressure in building teams that are motivated, agile and loyal.
  • Clarity:
    A strength of women is to simplify even complex things.
  • Emotional intelligence:
    Fascinatingly, many female project managers recognize interpersonal conflicts before they flare up. They are good at solving problems quickly and managing risks efficiently.

At PM&C, the focus is on people. We live diversity. Martina Wirnsberger-Brandl and I manage PM&C as equal partners.


So, I can only encourage every woman to start a career in project management, because the project world is unique and achieving goals together in a team is exciting and fulfilling at the same time.


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