How Project Managers Can Stay Relevant in Agile Organizations


This time, I would like to share a recent HBR report with you.


Traditionally, project managers have been trained to work towards explicit and pre-defined deadlines, budgets, and scopes with a clear definition of “done”. But an agile project world looks different.


Organizations are moving towards a model of small teams that work in short cycles and learn continuously. These teams pursue outcomes rather than output, and making real-time prioritization decisions to determine their next steps. This process is incompatible with the traditional management approach.


Will project management become obsolete?

No, but it demands a transformation.


According to the HBR report there are 3 things project management professionals should start doing today to stay relevant in an agile world:

  • Understand the goals of agile for your organization
  • Rethink your success metrics
  • Continuously inspect and adapt your ways of working

Have a look of the HBR report here!


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