Successfully restart your project


Few construction projects have been left untouched by the effects of the pandemic. Lockdowns and social distancing regulations reduced workforce capacity, disrupted supply chains and led to site closures. While some construction projects are still struggling, others have gone bankrupt.


However, disruptions need not necessarily lead to commercial disaster. With strong partners by your side, it's easy to turn things around and successfully restart your project.


PM&C offers full project service under one roof: Construction and civil engineering. Mechanical and plant engineering. Expert reports.


In the event of a project crisis, we're on hand to help get your project back on track quickly:

  • Support with planning and delivery difficulties
  • Assessment of construction disruptions
  • Commercial assessment of claims
  • Help with construction process and commissioning
  • Clarification of contractually owed services
  • Interim project management
  • Independent project evaluations

The competence you need for your project!

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