My advice for women in project management


On the job performance and project success should speak volumes regardless of whether the job is done by a woman or a man. Nevertheless, project management is still a quite male-dominated industry.


During my long career in project management, I have worked with many capable women and men from diverse cultural backgrounds who have all done an excellent job in project management. This taught me that inclusion, diversity and focus on people are the keys to success in project management.


A young project professional with high career goals recently asked me for advice. My answer was:


“Women need to take control of their career progression. They actively have to plan for the next level. They need to step up, learn, network, gain management and leadership experience and communicate. Supportive is to find a champion – someone who is an active supporter of your career, someone who works within your organization, and above you in the career ladder. And finally, be patient as the path to success is hardly ever a straight line. I would be happy if more women had the courage to find their fulfillment in project management. More women are needed to take on the challenges in this exciting sector.”