5 megatrends for change-makers

The Project Management Institute has recently conducted an assessment of the most pressing trends around the globe.


These 5 megatrends dominate the project economy. They force project leaders to make difficult decisions about how to move forward and which projects to pursue or stop. At the same time, they are also a large opportunity.


The 5 megatrends:

  • COVID-19
  • Climate Crisis
  • Civil, Civic, and Equality Movements
  • Shifting Globalization Dynamics
  • Mainstream Artificial Intelligence

Organizations can target these trends through the types of projects they focus on, and their approach to those projects, creating a multiplier effect for good:

  • Making social impact projects a strategic priority
  • Fostering open and innovative partnership ecosystems
  • Rethinking relationships with customers and wider stakeholders

The PMI report provides a preview of the world we will live in and how our community of project leaders and change-makers can create greater social impact and value. Have a look at the PMI-report:



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