Do companies, banks and trustees need an external expert for projects in crisis?

Often, crises emerge unexpectedly, are difficult to prepare for and we do not know what might happen next. It was the same with COVID – and the world has changed.


This creates an immediate demand for expertise. And if sufficient expertise and reliable information is not available within the organization, it should be drawn from elsewhere: from experienced external experts specialized in crisis management of plant projects – like PM&C.


What we do:

  • Evaluate projects in both planning and construction stages
  • Assess existing contracts and claims
  • Analyze and assess project risks, capacities, and qualities
  • Implement independent project audits
  • Assume interim project management
  • Assess project progress/successful completion
  • Develop exit scenarios
  • Finalize arrangements with all stakeholders

Your benefits:

  • 100% transparent and independent evaluations
  • Clarity on decisions
  • Implementing projects effectively and efficiently in a crisis
  • Maintaining achievable plans under pressure

Keep in mind: Effective response strategies largely depend on the quality of expert knowledge on which the response strategies are based.


Thus, yes – asking us for help pays off.

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