Every euro counts! Why the Ö3-Weihnachtswunder?

At PM&C, the focus is always on people. Close collaboration is an essential prerequisite for the successful delivery of projects. In these difficult times, collaboration is even more important. By joining forces, we can achieve our goals much more efficiently.


Hitradio Ö3, one of Austria's nationwide radio stations, also focuses on people. Both PM&C and Hitradio Ö3 act according to the 3 principles:


Smart people:

With the right team and the right consultants, any strategy and plan have the potential to be successful. Dedicated stakeholders who share a common vision are the key to success.


Smart planning:

Smart planning ensures continuous project progress and structured documentation of milestones. It is the basis for setting realistic goals and at the same time an important early warning system that signals when the actual values deviate from the planned values.


Smart communication:

It is crucial that all stakeholders remain well-informed, listen to each other, pay attention and communicate honestly. Smart communication is the best way to prevent problems from occurring.


Also, this year the radio presenters Kratky, Hiller and Knoll are collecting donations for a good cause in a 120-hour radio broadcast. These are smart people who have come up with a smart concept and are communicating in a smart way about their „Weihnachtswunder“ project (Christmas miracle).


Those who live up to these project principles deserve our support: PM&C donates 1,000 euros – and our little X-MAS challenge makes the whole thing even more exciting – "raise your cups" 😊


* “Raise your cups” is the slogan that presenter Robert Kratky regularly uses in his live broadcasts.



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