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Project managers never pass the buck
English · 20. Dezember 2021
As a good project manager, you never play the blame game, but signal to your management that you take responsibility and are solution focused. Quick and thoughtful project decisions lead to a rapid re-establishment of trust in your project and everyone's belief in the joint success of the project.
How to avoid expensive project management burnouts
English · 16. Dezember 2021
Keep your team and your business healthy by recognizing the early warning signs of burnout and addressing the problem early. Teach your project managers to take steps toward self-care. Encourage a culture of honest communication and one where it is not taboo to prioritize one’s health and personal life.

Have you ever heard of good project managers without soft skills?
English · 13. Dezember 2021
There is no such thing as a good project manager who lacks soft skills. Good project managers have both – hard and soft skills.
Would you like to support companies in completing and optimizing their projects? Your future job at PM&C
English · 15. Oktober 2021
We are looking for analytical people with high integrity. People with experience in project management.