Is your project document tracking system robust?


  • Which work package does this invoice belong to?
  • Where can the most recent official approval documents be found?
  • How do I get the current project report quickly?

Finding information to answer these questions often requires unnecessary time and resources, can be nerve-wracking, and therefore extremely inefficient.


Our experience shows that a lot of paper and digital documents are filed or saved in different archives. In such a scenario, it can be extremely difficult to keep projects on track. 


Document management also plays a special role in obtaining regulatory approvals. As they are being created, one needs to pay attention to ensuring the complete collection of documents that will be required later for regulatory approvals. Authorities only issue permits if all documents are complete. They don't accept late submissions. 


In short, to be prepared for unforeseen events, documentation and tracking will continue to be critical to projects in the future. Technology, automation, and Artificial Intelligence are playing an increasingly important role in this.


PM&C sets up the new system for you and it will be ready to use in just a few days. Of course, we will also provide the appropriate training courses for you and your employees.


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