Cooperation: PM&C – HECK+PARTNER


Full project service. Construction and civil engineering combined with mechanical and plant engineering. Expert reports.


Everything under one roof.

  • Support with planning and delivery difficulties
  • Assessment of construction disruptions
  • Commercial assessment of justified and unjustified performance claims
  • Help with questions about the construction process and commissioning
  • Clarification of contractually owed services

When setting up construction and plant projects, there may be disruptions in the construction process or defects. Such issues can slow down the progress on a project, lead to disputes between client and contractor, and even the end of a project.


Certified experts ensure clarity and certainty so that the right decisions can be made quickly.

Werner Wirnsberger-Brandl, Managing Director of PM&C, has found a highly qualified, absolutely honest, and well-established expert on construction in Dr.-Ing. Detlef Heck, managing partner of HECK+PARTNER and University Professor at the Institute for Construction Management at Graz University of Technology.


The competence you need for your project!

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