Overcome project crises quickly

  • PM&C helps with project crises in companies.

  • PM&C supports banks, trustees and auditors with 100% transparent and neutral evaluations of plant construction projects. 


COVID-19 also threatens the health of many capital projects and their future. Their premature end would threaten the long-term stability of many companies.


Capital projects are particularly badly affected: Insufficient planning security due to constantly changing framework conditions, interruption of supply chains, increasing risk of insolvency, decreasing cash reserves combined with increasing difficulties in getting fresh capital.


We at PM&C are experts in the field of crisis management - specialized in plant projects. 

  • Evaluate projects in both planning and construction stages
  • Assess existing contracts and claims
  • Analyze and assess project risks, capacities, and qualities
  • Implement independent project audits
  • Assume interim project management
  • Assess project progress/successful completion
  • Develop exit scenarios
  • Finalize arrangements with all stakeholders

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