Project management.

For us, everything revolves around your project success.

Construction site overlaid with four questions: Do you want to put your projects on a professional basis? Do you need support in organizing your project team? Are you looking for suitable control tools? Do you need help with Project Services?

PM&C helps you with all questions of project management. We have years' experience in handling international plant engineering projects directly on site, both as project directors and program managers.


We know what we're talking about, work out tailor-made solutions for you, and then implement them together with you. 

Competence and individual solutions. Achieve goals in a reliable, structured manner.

From project definition to commissioning.

Ideally, you should already involve us at the detailed planning stage, because this is decisive for the future course and success of the project.


We will set the project up together with you. 

Realistic cost estimates, carefully prepared schedules based on a clearly defined project scope, sufficient human resources, consistent progress measurement, efficient project communication, tracking of project risks, and rapid initiation of corrective measures are the cornerstones of every successful project. 

PM&C offer: Consulting and project management as well as project phases: project initiation, project preparation, detailed planning, implementation, commissioning

Everything from a single source

At PM&C, you receive all project services from a single source.


We support you every step of the way with detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication & construction, pre- & hot commissioning, and start-up, whether it's a greenfield or a brownfield project.  

We also provide support by preparing documentation for regulatory approvals, provide personnel for project services, and take responsibility for project teams or certain aspects of the project.


We then continue to work closely with many of our customers after commissioning, for example, with maintenance services or later upgrade/revamp projects. 

Concrete background with text of the project steps: Detailed Engineering & Procurement, Fabrication & Construction, Pre-Commissioning, Hot Commissioning, Start-up, Maintenance, Upgrade & Revamp

Our services.

  • Scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Cost estimating
  • Project controls
  • Risk management
  • Project reporting
  • Progress measurement
  • Contracting
  • Authority management
  • Document management
  • Procurement
  • Stakeholder management
  • Quality management
  • HSSE management
  • Commissioning
  • Project marketing & communication

Getting projects back on track.

If the project's not going so well and you're losing ever more time and money, we will help you right the course so that your project can get back up to speed.


In addition, we can also take over management of your project on an interim basis until the project is completed or a final solution is found.

We proceed with tact and empathy, because there are people behind every project.


It's important to include them in the redesign process as much as possible, because that's the only way that the measures can take effect quickly. 

Projects and people
belong together. 

 Concrete background, two people reading a plan. The text overlay: Independent assessment of your project status using checklists. Develop recommendations for action and corrective measures. Implement and monitor the planned measures.

Project evaluation.

PM&C delivers independent, objective, and constructive project analyses.


We identify critical areas and risks, escalate problems and bottlenecks, and define corrective measures. 


In addition, we can redesign the organization, reporting, communication, and document management for your project.

We will develop a plan to steer your project back on course, quickly stabilize it, and thus help limit the damage.


When creating and implementing recovery plans, we always focus on the solution and not on problems or blame. Transparency and open communication are a must for us, as are quick, yet well-considered actions. 

PM&C will get your project back on track so you can realize the benefits you expected.

Limit damage. Continue the project. Realize the expected benefits.