Planning tools.

Control projects efficiently with the PM&C planning tool to bring your project safely across the finish line.

We configure the planning tool according to your individual project requirements. This will give you a clearly structured and easy-to-use tool for assessing the progress of your project at any time. 

The tool also has a dashboard that provides information on the current status of the project at a glance. The integrated traffic light system shows whether the respective project parameters are on track, are slightly deviating, or are at risk of going off the rails. You can then quickly take corrective action.

The PM&C planning tool is configured individually for you and can be flexibly expanded.

We recommend introducing the planning tool at an early stage so that you can get the maximum benefit from it.

 Image from a computer that is overlaid by graphics and tables

Applications of the planning tool.

 Progress icon - graph pointing up

Progress measurement

Icon - Euro

Cost management

Icon - interfaces

Interface management

 Icon for risk - sign for caution

Risk management

 Icon for HSSE - protective shield

HSSE management

Icon - contract to be signed

Contract management

 Icon - quality ribbon

Quality management

Icon - project report

Status reporting

 Icon for KPI monitoring - person standing in front of an evaluation with charts

KPI monitoring

How you benefit.

Using the PM&C planning tool pays off.

  • Planning reliability
  • Risk control
  • Transparent reporting
  • Real-time project status information
  • Structure and clarity
  • Timely initiation of corrective measures
  • KPI tracking
  • Individually tailored to your project requirements
  • Efficient project communication 
Construction site image that is overlaid by text: Transparency & control depend on time, costs, quantities, resources, qualities, risks

The PM&C planning tool ensures you always have

time, costs, quantities, resources,

qualities, and risks under control.